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Shadowbot is back, and better than ever with a growing community of talented scripters and botting enthusiasts alike, starting out back in 2013 and quickly grew to be the most popular bot client for OldSchool RuneScape using a mix of injection and reflection methods to insure a solid foundation of undetectability.

Click here to visit our historical thread posted on

If you have issues getting the installer to run double check that you are running the current most up-to-date version of Java. Otherwise troubleshooting threads can be found here on our community forums.

Awesome features


Shadowbot has incorporated many humanlike features to ensure your botting is as safe as possible; Advanced mouse paths, Perfect Interaction, Human like intelligence, AntiBans & Much much more.

Go Custom

Can't find a script for what you need? Why not use our Advanced API and create your own! Not feeling up for it? Our community has a marketplace where you can buy and sell private scripts.

Java Powered

Shadowbot runs on the Java(tm) virtual machine, making it fully accessible on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows operating systems. Don't have Java on your system? Click here to visit the official site and download Java.

More features

Mobile Botting

Monitor your botting progress on the go! Login with your Shadowbot forum account and view real time statistics and progress of your running scripts. Choose to stop or switch the scripts your clients are using, or send custom chat messages in-game from the webpage. All from within your phone or tablet, no Team Viewer required.

Open Sourced Repository

Download and modify scripts right-away. Change settings or build something new!

Reflection Client

Shadowbot uses 3x less processing power than competitor clients. Meaning you can bot on more accounts and earn more profit!

Friendly API

You don't need to know Java to create scripts for Shadowbot, our intuitive and easy to read scripting language will interface with the client and will do exactly what you tell it to do! The actual Java language is still supported in the script writing process for those that need it.

Proxy Support

Avoid getting flagged across multiple accounts by choosing a proxy server for your botting sessions. Socks4a / Socks5 protocols are implemented.

Much more for the technical minded. You can view our forum post here detailing the hard work we've put into our client!


Want to upgrade?

You can support the development and help out the community by upgrading your account to VIP.
VIP members have access to premium scripts and early access to beta features in the client.